Our Colors contain top quality dye stuffs and we utilize the more modern dyeing procedures. However due to the nature of some high intensity colors, we do not guarantee against crocking or abnormal cleaning methods such as dry cleaning, spot washing, chlorine water etc.

*High intensity shades or shades with deep hues such as red or burgundy, may crock in washing or handling. We strongly encourage our customers to test these before adopting such colors in production. We assume no liability for the performance of these  shades.

Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on this disk will exactly match the color of the product. There are many variables which can change the way you "see" the colors as you view our color chart disk. Computer monitors are capable of displaying up to 32 million colors and the human eye can only decipher a very small
fraction of those colors. And within that small fraction, we all see them differently. In addition, people's monitor settings may influence how colors are displayed depending on each individual monitors brightness and contrast settings.

**Computer monitors have inherent limitations, and electronically reproducing color on the disk is imprecise. Therefore, we cannot assure you that what you see accurately portrays the color. We have gone to great lengths to portray colors as accurately as possible. If you would like to see actual colors, please contact our customer service department regarding our swatch program

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